Citroen Berlingo Blaze

Wheelchair Accessible Cars

The New Citroen Berlingo Blaze from MVS represents a giant step forward in quality and refinement for wheelchair accessible vehicles.


  • choice of 1.6 petrol diesel 
  • air conditioning as standard
  • radio CD player
  • fully lowered floor throughout.
  • one rear seat as standard with the option of another rear saloon seat.
  • lightweight and easy to use ramp
  • The Citroen Berlingo Blaze has been carefully designed by our Research and Development team to ensure that it is both practical, safe and spacious. 
  • The Citroen Berlingo BLAZE is easy to access, with a lightweight, low angle ramp at the back and a fully-lowered floor throughout. The vehicle design gives a spacious layout with excellent internal headroom of 137cm.
  • The design of the vehicle enables you to position a wheelchair in between two rear seats if required

A wheelchair accessible vehicle designed with YOUR needs in mind, the Citroen Berlingo Blaze comes with a fully lowered floor throughout, a low angled ramp for safe and comfortable access and lots of internal space to make your journeys easier

Options for large or small seats + wheelchair:

  • VT, VTR and XTR Specifications
  • Wipe clean vinyl flooring and side trim
  • Rear saloon power supply points
  • Removeable rear saloon seat
  • Bespoke storage solutions
  • Electric wheelchair winch
  • Air Conditioning
  • Longitudinal roof bars
  • Beautifully engineered & finished
  • Stylish, modern and desirable
  • Unbelievable value for money
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